Cowboy's Sweetheart Films
Cowboy's Sweetheart Films

Audra Kelly, the visionary founder of Cowboys Sweetheart Films, LLC, also known as CS Films produces films that inspire, entertain and explore new territory. These hope-filled works serve humanity, as well as reward those who participate in the creation of her projects. Audra is one of the new breed of sophisticated women, who lives their dream and passionately follows their heart.

AWAKENERS...Once you are will never go back!

Story by: Audra Kelly
Genre: Supernatural / Thriller / Drama / Comedy
Cast:Luella Hill, Dennis Franks, Kim O'Neill,
Christian Drapeau & Dr. Joe Vitale
Casting by: Craig Campobasso & Joy Todd
Associate Producer: Tonia Madenford

THE WISDOM YEARS - The promise of America

Genre: Documentary / Drama / Comedy

Our Vision

Cowboys Sweetheart Films, LLC (CS Films), is a force for positive change by taking you on a ride off the reservation with adventurous, entertaining and thought provoking films.

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