Where Artificial Intelligence Confronts The Power of The Human Spirit


Genre: Sci-Fi Action

When a Hopi medicine man helps Dr. Kelly Forrester heal through ancient technology, she receives a vision.  From this experience, she breaks through cutting-edge science and invents a “Quantum A.I. Implant”.  When she discovers that the Department of Defense has stolen the implant to enhance Super Soldiers around the world, she's faced with an impossible decision...Will she do the wrong thing for the right reason to avert global enslavement?

Production Team


Audra Kelly
Producer, the Awakeners

With over 35 years of innovative leadership in the sphere of entertainment, Audra Kelly has been a creative force in the industry for decades.  Her wide ranging background encompasses groundbreaking projects in television, film, theater, radio and fashion. Having managed diverse development and production efforts in films such as The Pelican BriefCandy Man II, OcchioPinocchio, The Chase and Heaven’s Prisoners, Audra has harnessed her experience to build the solid foundation upon which her production company now stands.

Audra’s passion for expansive, inspirational storytelling is at the center of Awakeners, contrasting a gritty high tech dystopia with the paradigm shattering power of the human heart.



Michelle is a co-producing partner and oversees day-to-day creative and business operations at Cowboy’s Sweetheart Films.  She works on research for development, production and reports to Audra Kelly. Her background includes film scoring, casting, special effects, editor and producer’s assistant. 

Michelle received her MFA in Film Scoring from Columbia College Chicago. She is currently based in Austin, Texas, and is the producer on The 10th, a World War II drama.


Tonia Madenford
Producer, the Awakeners

Tonia Madenford has over 200+ credits to her name and has produced films at varying budget levels, dividing her time between working on major Hollywood studio pictures and independent feature films. She has collaborated with many notable celebrities over the years on projects that have been distributed by MTV, Lionsgate, National Lampoon, Sony Pictures, Arclight Films, Columbia Pictures, Fox Studios, Netflix, Millenium
Entertainment, National Geographic, Redbox, Gaiam TV, and more. She has won numerous awards, both nationally and internationally, for her endeavors. As Senior Producer at the Red Bull Media House, she was supervising producer of 30+ episodes of the hottest Red Bull TV series Ultimate Rush. Tonia Madenford is also an 'International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees' member (IATSE 871) with 20 years of experience as a Script Supervisor. Her most recent work was with Director Emilio Estevez on his new film release, The Public.


Vincent Gonzales
Co-Producer, the Awakeners

As a Directors Guild of America (DGA) member since 1996, Vincent Gonzales has over 20 years of experience in the film industry. From the television realm of The Walking Dead and Mind Games to the film world of Indies to the multi-million-dollar franchise of Transformers, Vincent has worked on 40 films and 29 television sets around the world over the last 2 decades. He is involved in the DGA 2nd AD, DGA Latino Committees, the Annual Producer’s Academy, and as an industry mentor and speaker. He thrives on passing along his knowledge, and strives to be a mentor to those pursuing similar careers in the industry.

Vince’s work ethic is best left to his own words... “When you work on such intense sets for such long hours, week after week, you become part of a family...and I am very proud of my on-set families and what we have accomplished together.”


Cathie Quigley-Soderman
screenWriter,Associate Producer

the Awakeners

With an M.F.A. from Columbia University, Cathie began her career as the Assistant Director of a Tony Award-winning Broadway show, The Visit. Her journey then brought her to Hollywood, where she worked with Richard Donner ( Lethal Weapon, Conspiracy Theory), and soon became a Master Screenwriter with Hal Croasman’s Pro Series at ScreenwritingU. She was awarded as a finalist in the Moondance International Film Festival, and later optioned both The Maze and I’m Still Here. As Director/Writer, Cathie won Denver’s Ovation Award for Best Stage Adaptation for Prison Writings: My Life is My Sundance. Moreover, Kevin Costner included her in the crafting of “Story of the Bison” due to her expertise in Native American cross-cultural relations.


Ed Kramer
VFX Supervisor, the AwakenerS

Ed Kramer is currently attached to Awakeners as the on-set Visual Effects Supervisor.

Ed Kramer spent more than a decade as a Senior Lighting Artist and Sequence Supervisor for the premiere visual effects facility in the world, Industrial Light & Magic. While there he supervised the Scarab Beetle shots from The Mummy (1998), the Rock Monster shots from Galaxy Quest (2000), and the Droid Factory sequence from STAR WARS Episode II: Attack of the Clones. His computer graphics work is featured in five movies nominated for Visual Effects OSCAR's, including the 2006 winner Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man's Chest. He was also part of the animation team who created the iconic Columbia Pictures "Lady with a Torch" opening logo.

From the pinnacle of the visual industry, Ed brings his distinguished experience of working with George Lucas, Steven Speilberg, Michael Bay, and many of the world's greatest directors, ensuring innovative visual effects for Awakeners.


Sanjay N. Patel
Key Artist, the Awakeners

Sanjay N. Patel has made his artistic mark on the film world, as illustrated by his prominent artwork in Academy Award-winner, 12 Years a Slave. His forte in stylized imagery has left him widely recognized for his unique vision, artistic insight, and aesthetic ingenuity, which has produced a reputable clientele, including Fox Search Light, MGM, Lion’s Gate, 20th Century Fox, and over 20 feature films. Sanjay’s down-to-earth reputation balances his high ideal of the arts, making him a welcomed addition to the Cowboy’s Sweetheart Films team.

Tom Wasinger.jpg

Tom Wasinger
Music ConsulTaNt, the Awakeners 

Awakeners Team is excited to have Tom Wasinger creating the soundtrack for our promotional trailer. Tom is a composer, arranger, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Boulder, Colorado. Three-Time Grammy Winner for Best Native American Albums, Come To Me Great Mystery (2008), Dance With The Wind (2006) and Beneath the Raven Moon (2002). Tom has performed live in venues around the world from Carnegie Hall in New York to the Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall in Istanbul, Turkey. Tom builds experimental musical instruments and is the founder of “The Lost Angel Stone Ensemble”, the world’s only touring ensemble of resonating stone instruments.


Kenny Dezendorf
Cinematography Consultant, the Awakeners

As a 30-year media production, cinematography, and specialty-gear veteran, Kenny Dezendorf has traversed the gamut of feature films and network television. His talents have been granted an Emmy for Chris Rock, Bring the Pain, and 5 Telly Awards at the NY Film Festival. He has received global recognition for filming/documenting some of the greatest musical talents on Earth, including Genesis, Rolling Stones, Toby Keith, and Tim McGraw. Kenny’s expertise has embarked worldwide journeys with National Geographic, BBC, NHK Japan, Discovery, and the History Channel.

Asara Lovejoy-2.png

Asara Lovejoy
Story Consultant, the Awakeners

Asara Lovejoy, a well-known author and Thought Leader demonstrates what is possible in our human consciousness through live and online trainings worldwide with her transformative program, The One Command. She has reached over 500,000 people with the message that you are biologically designed to “Command” your brain, biology and DNA to reach your unlimited potential with astounding results. Other successes; Nightingale-Conant author, The One Command: Imprint Your DNA for Lasting Wealth and Happiness, Nightingale-Conant author, The Theta Code: Activate Your Blueprint of Vital Health, Founder The One Command, Executive Success Coaching program, and President The One Command Global Corporation. She has interviewed and inspired hundreds of current scientist and leaders in the human potential field through her teachings and on her past radio show, Living in the Quantum Field that has impacted new ideas and realizations about our next level of human intelligence. Asara says the Awakeners is one of these moments.


Paul Williams
Story Consultant, the Awakeners

Paul Williams is the Chief Technology Officer of Clarity Consulting Corporation, a Houston-based security and financial consulting firm. Paul is a nationally recognized authority on information security who has performed hundreds of “Red Team” physical and cyber security intrusion tests for commercial and government customers across the United States. Paul has forty-one years of breakthrough innovation in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, electronics, communications, weapons development and defense-related technologies.

Paul is a super geek who stays excited about technology. However, from his “inside” perspective, Paul shares Awakeners’ apprehension about the ever-increasing, pervasive spread of artificial intelligence technology.

Billie Dean.jpg

Billie Dean
Story Consultant, the Awakeners

Billie Dean is an international authority in the field of animal spirituality. Her book “Secret Animal Business” is a unique exploration of animal sentience, drawn from over three decades of working globally as an animal communicator and healer. As an innate telepath and empath, Billie’s perspective is one of reverence for all life. With her family, Billie runs one of the largest farm animal sanctuaries in the southern hemisphere. offering refuge for hundreds of formerly at-risk animals, including farm animals and wildlife. Billie is the founder of the Deep Peace Trust, a not-for-profit charity which fosters deep peace for all species, promoting a gentle, cruelty-free lifestyle, and social change through the arts, education and compassionate action. Billie also works as a writer and independent filmmaker.