Cowboy’s Sweetheart Films current slate of projects 

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The Awakeners

Sci-Fi Action

When a Hopi medicine man helps Dr. Kelly Forrester heal through ancient technology, she receives a vision.  From this experience, she breaks through cutting-edge science and invents a “Quantum A.I. Implant”.  When she discovers that the Department of Defense has stolen the implant to enhance Super Soldiers around the world, she's faced with an impossible decision...Will she do the wrong thing for the right reason to avert global enslavement?

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A Docu-Prayer

When the descendant of a US Army General, who committed a massacre upon a Native American village, reaches out to the relatives of those his ancestor killed, the difficult journey of forgiving the unforgivable begins. 

Through prayer and peaceful action, they obtain artifacts from the Smithsonian and return to the grounds of the 1855 massacre at Blue Water Creek, Nebraska. Together, they embrace the ancient Lakota principle of Wokinktuze',       reawakening the spirits of the past for the purpose of historical healing. Wrought with the intergenerational trauma, they experience how ancestral wisdom resides deep within, as they each come to know... Our Blood Remembers.




When an NBA Superstar, commanding a $250 million-dollar salary, falls victim to a revenge kidnapping for the death of Native American basketball Phenom, Willie Walking Bear, facing murder charges is the least of the star players worries.

Captured from an LA event, Devon Wilkerson is forced to endure life threatening obstacles along with three other famous athletes, Hector Lopez, a free-agent shortstop with a drug problem, Gus Bernard, an abusive, drunk Hockey star and Cedric Butler, a cocky running back, with a penchant for performance enhancement drugs.

Forced beyond their limits they must surmount the formidable challenge of the Spirit Maze or be defeated unto death.


The AdventureS of Captain Denar

Sci-fi Action Adventure

A quest to save humanity leads Earth’s Capt. Denar to discover powerful knowledge left by the founders of the universe. He battles to protect those secrets, along with the solar system, from invading reptilian species and creates an other-dimensional alliance that catapults human evolution.


The 10TH


During WWII, a specialized troop made up of expert skiers and mountain climbers, known as the US 10th Mountain Division - the only mountain troop in US military history - was deployed to Italy to help the Allies gain control over the Italian Alps.  They scaled Riva Ridge, an “unclimbable” vertical 1,000 ft. ridge in the dead of night.  As the men ascended over the ridge, they attacked the unprepared Germans.  This heroic event led to a series of battles that culminated in the Allies gaining control of the Alps and most importantly, winning the War.


The Wisdom Years


Spotlighting the lives of dynamic elders from around the world, we follow the wise ones through the challenges and triumphs of their unceasing quest for a vibrant life. Be inspired, be in awe, and bear witness to what it looks like when someone courageously follows their dream to the end! And, as we understand this, researchers will give light to this beautiful mystery.